Wednesday 3 May 2023

Where have I gone?

Have you noticed I've not been hiking much recently? Perhaps it was my absence from social media? Most likely you didn't notice at all! But I have been absent, and my last big hike was in Norway 2018.

Everything changed towards the end of 2018 when my Father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Anybody who's been down that road knows how it completely takes over everyone involved and your life becomes one long series of appointments. Time for anything else is minimal and certainly, there was none for long self-indulging hikes. Shortly after my father's death, we were all struck by COVID-19 and travel of any type became nearly impossible. Not long later, cancer hit again and this time it would be my mother. Fortunately, that outcome was different and Mum's doing well.  In addition, during this period I moved house and Brexit caused Tramplite Gear to, effectively, cease trading. None of this was helpful to my hiking. However, the big stopper has been my own health.