Sunday 26 August 2012

Coast and Moor no more... probably!

As announced on twitter earlier this week I shall be heading over to Tasmania for a couple of months to explore an island that has always fascinated me. Tasmania is the smallest of Australia's states but arguably the best for outdoor folk with 25% of the Island set aside as National Park and 20% designated World Heritage status. I shall post about my intensions for Tasmania at a later date but this trip unfortunately does affect my Coast and Moor hike which will now have to be renamed just Coast!

Flights to Tasmania are expensive and with peak holiday season being mid/late December through to late January I was forced into booking a cheaper, but still £1155, earlier flight than intended. That means the Moor part of my hike, across Exmoor and Dartmoor, has been dropped and I shall now only hike the South West Coast Path starting end of September. There is just a SMALL chance that if I make good time on the coastal path that I MAY continue and finish as originally planned but I would rather take my time and enjoy what is an excellent coast hike without rushing. Either way, I want to finish by the end of October.