Saturday 2 February 2013

Back from Tassie!

Yesterday I returned to a damp, and rather cold, UK after successfully completing the Tasmania Bike & Hike trip.  Really enjoyed Tassie and will be putting up a summary of that trip sometime soon. I just have many 1000's of photo's to edit first... can't say I particularly enjoy editing that many photo's but the results are always worth the effort you put in.

Gear failures continue to haunt me and there will be another 2 entries in the rapidly expanding "when will it break?" section of this blog. One of the pieces is made by the first manufacture to appear twice on my wall of shame. The other failure was a bit of a surprise.

The next major trip isn't until around May and will be the Pacific Crest Trail. That's still a few months away which gives me some time to work on producing some more of my own brand kit to replace a lot of the commercial stuff that's failing for, generally, quality issues. Expect to see some posts in the MYOG section, waterproofs, trousers, shirts, packs and a new quilt should all appear. I will also, finally, put up my review of the MLD Cricket shelter which is something I keep getting asked for. I'm not going to be sat behind my keyboard, or sewing machine, all the time and should also have some spare time to get out in the UK and put a few hundred km's under the belt before the PCT. 

Life's tough in Tramplite's world :-)