Tuesday 29 April 2014

Back from New Zealand

I returned from a successful, and throughly enjoyable, hike of the Te Araroa a few days ago and now it’s the time that I hate after every trip - catch-up time! Emails, blog, finances, the list goes on… Fortunately it’s only temporary and I’m away again hiking next week on the TGO Challenge! Not taken part in this since event since 09 and I’m really looking forward to it. What I will do after that hasn't been decided yet and could involve hiking, boating, cycling or probably a mixture of all 3. What I can say is the the CDT WILL now happen early next year. At some point I will also spend time developing V2 of some of the MYOG kit I use on the trail. V2 kit is generally just a polished version of the original and that might involve lightening a design or adding/taking away a feature or 2, altering the fit, or sometimes even a major redesign. I must also get all my designs into a proper CAD program rather than on a million scraps of paper! On the blog front expect reviews of Locus Gear CP3 poles and Haglofs Gram Comp jacket, trip report of Te Araroa trail and perhaps a piece or 2 of new MYOG. 

I will leave you with a few photo's from Te Araroa - enjoy!