About Tramplite Gear

Arizona Trail 2010

My name is Colin Ibbotson and after 23 years in Aeronautical Engineering I decided, in 2012, that there was more to life than aeroplanes and decided to devote myself full-time to my passion, the great outdoors. I had hiked/cycled extensively up till that time and had already completed all the UK national trails (at least once), many of my own UK routes, 2 major USA hikes, a 3 week expedition to Venezuela, shorter hikes in Sardinia and Oman and 2 long cycle tours of New Zealand. I was completely addicted to long self-powered adventures! Since then I've spent 5-6 months each year hiking, cycling and occasionally paddling, all over the world. If you're interested there is a list of my major trips at the bottom of this page.

CDT 2016

Tramplite Gear started by accident from my obsession with making my own gear (MYOG). I made my first pack in 2008 and shelter in 2009 but had been modified gear for years. I built a cuben shelter for my 2013 New Zealand thru-hike which attracted a lot of attention. That shelter went on the 2014 The Great Outdoors Challenge (TGOC) across Scotland and a number of hikers convinced me (over a beer!) to make a few, I did and they were well received. I was asked to make some more and Tramplite Gear was reluctantly born.  Since then I've made a handful each year but 2016 was the first year I started thinking of it more than just a bit of fun. I now offer 3 styles of solo shelters and a pack in 2 capacities, a duo shelter is on the way and more products will follow. 


LEJOG 2000
Tramplite Gear is a  hobby, not a full-time business. I gave up a well paid job to follow my dreams and will continue to do so. While I'm away Tramplite Gear stops. That may mean I can't produce your gear exactly when you want it, and it's also possible there will be a waiting list. However, it's this continual trail testing and developing of my products, by using them longterm,  that makes me different to most other producers. 


If you wish to order any product then message/email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If I'm away on a trip that may be a few days, or possibly weeks.

Trips, only trips of longer than 1 month are shown here

Major Hikes

Continental Divide Trail (USA) 2016, 5000km
Continental Divide Trail (USA) 2015 494km (aborted with fractured foot)
Scottish National Trail (UK) 2015 865km
Arctic Trail (Norway, Sweden, Finland) 2014 1113km
Te Araroa (New Zealand) 2013/14 3062km
Pacific Crest Trail (USA) 2013 4184km
Coast and moor (UK) 2012 1300km
Colorado Trail (USA) 2011 805km
Arizona Trail (USA) 2010 1287km
Lands End John O'Groats (UK) 2000 1500km

Major Cycle Tours

Northern England/Scotland 2015 2636km
Tasmania 2012/13 3019km
New Zealand South Island 2006 4000km
New Zealand North Island 2004 4000km