Tuesday 12 March 2019

New 2019 Tramplite Shelter For Sale - SOLD


This is a rare opportunity to get the latest 2019 Tramplite Backpacker shelter, with no wait! I have new, slight 2nd quality, outer complete with 1st quality inner that I'm offering at a £55 discount (10% reduction on outer). Unfortunately I had a bad day and there was a minor sewing mishap when fitting the zip leading to some additional holes in the DCF fabric, oops! This has been professionally, and permanently, repaired with an additional strip of DCF fabric, sewn and bonded, into the zip assembly during manufacture. It will not affect performance, or shelter life, and is almost invisible. This shelter is ready to go with next day delivery and all normal warranties will apply. This shelter will be offered to those on my email list first, if unsold by 18th Mar it will then be available to all.

Tramplite Backpacker Outer with Inner £745 + £10 (UK Delivery)

*With Brexit looming I’m not prepared to export this item so this is for UK delivery only.*

Backpacker 2 position door
Backpacker rear panel guys and additional mid panel pegging points
Backpacker door fully open

Sewing flaw
Repair strip