Sunday 22 December 2019

Time to bring back the blog (sort of!)

For the last few years the blog side of this site has been missing and that's purely down to my laziness! I really don't enjoy writing blog posts, they take way too much time and others do it far better! Nevertheless, I do want my trips to be recorded in some form, and I have enjoyed looking back at my previous trip reports. I often wonder why I take photos on my trips when they never get seen, I've 10’s of thousands of unedited photos sitting on hard drives! But I do enjoy taking photos and I need to find a good compromise between a conventional blog and a simple social media service like Instagram. Instagram works fine for a here-and-now kind of post but isn't much good for the longer-term. As a trial I plan to restart the blog here but make it more photo based, with minimal words, and see how that works for me. It will start where the old blog left off, in 2015, and that content will be added over the next few weeks/months.